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inbuilt Video Consultation

Virtual Hospital

Provides a powerful way to extend your services beyond your premises

  • Enables you to set up payments collection, prepaid/ postpaid
  • Allows sharing of prescription securly.
  • The ability to book, cancel, and reschedule Video appointments
Online Pharmacy

Online Medicine & Lab Order

Provide your patients to book medicine and lab service online

  • Medicine tracker, that enables the patients to track medicine confirmation and manage refills by booking online in a seamlessly integrated process
  • All sales of health packages and home collection of lab samples.
A.I based Chatbot

Intelligent Chat-bot

Provide continuous patient engagement

  • Chronic disease management: Provides continuous support for lifestyle and diet modification aiding the typical drug therapy and standard of care.
  • Provide ready made rehabilitation journals for operations, Interactive physical therapy sessions etc.
  • Provide multiple opportunity to collect feedback and suggestion for improvement

Other Features

Provide continuous patient engagement


Helps your patients carry their health records electronically always. Never lose a prescription or a discharge summary.

Services & Tariff

Brings transparency to your client by showing your products, services and their tariff.

Hospital Floor plan

Provides Floor Plan of the hospital, helping them find their way within your premise.

On-demand Communication

Broadcast, videos & promotional messages to your patients


Provide a health tracker, exercise class schedules, and health and wellness tips

Health Tracker

Provide nutrition and meditation schedules , inbuilt consumption tracker, pedometer etc.

We makes us stand apart

We sign up as your digital partners bringing and a creating a technology first solution for your patient

Easy integration to HMS

No migration of systems or no re-training of users in your organization. Provides and quick and easy deployment

Your Digital Partner

We work constantly improving the communications and your business metrics.

Services and Quality Guarantee

We are committed to our standard dependable and excellent level of service excellence.

Lighting Quick Deployment

Since most of the product is off the shelf, and it is working in tandem with your HMS.

About us

Mocero Health Solutions is an innovative Digital Health organization incubated at IIT Madras incubated at the IIT Madras's Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre’s (HTIC) Med Tech. The incubator is attached to the Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), a multidisciplinary research Centre which is a joint initiative of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India that brings together technologists, engineers, doctors and healthcare professionals, industry and government to develop healthcare technologies for the country.

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